Faculty Positions in the Department of (IEM) at Yuan Ze University

1.Position: tenure-track assistant professor or above
2.Start date: Feb 1, 2025
3.Openings: 1 position
4.Qualifications and expertise:
A)Ministry of Education in Taiwan recognized doctorate degrees in Industrial Engineering, Informatics, Management, or Mathematics related fields from local or abroad;
B)Excellent research performance;
C)Enthusiasm about teaching and serving, team spirit, ability to cooperate in harmony with coworker.
D)Expertise in smart manufacturing, information technology , data science, services science management, production and supply chain management, statistics and quality management, or other IEM-related fields;
E)We sincerely welcome applications from foreign teachers with the above expertise.
F)Ability to teach/instruct undergraduate and graduate level courses in both Chinese and English.
5.Application deadline: Please submit the application materials to lchsieh@saturn.yzu.edu.tw by July 31, 2024, and please specify in the email subject: Application Form for Faculty- OOO.

6.Required documents:
A)Fill in the word file 〝Basic Information Form for Recruited Teachers of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan Ze University〝;
Download Form: https://reurl.cc/YEdl34
B)Personal autobiography;
C)Statement of research and teaching interests (including brief description of research interests, projects participated, teaching plans of courses, and future research directions);
D)A copy of the highest degree certificate (For those who hold a foreign degree, please submit a graduation diploma verified by the ROC overseas official office; for those who have not obtained the graduation diploma can submit the instructor’s certificate indicating the expected date of graduation);
E)A copy of the highest degree academic transcript (For those who hold a foreign degree, please submit the transcript verified by the ROC overseas official office);
F)A copy of the official teacher certificate of the current rank (exempt if not yet obtained the certificate);
G)A copy of publication(s) and list (including patents) within five years (must indicate the source);
H)Letter of recommendations (at least two and the referrers should email the letter to lchsieh@saturn.yzu.edu.tw ).

7.Contact information:
Secretary: Miss Hsieh
Phone: (+886)3-4638800 ext. 2519
Fax: (+886)3-4638907
E-mail: lchsieh@saturn.yzu.edu.tw
Website: http://www.iem.yzu.edu.tw/

1.Candidates who pass the primary selection will be notified to come for an interview (the interview will proceed in English and be recorded).
2.For the interview:
A)Candidates will need to provide a separate 〝Teacher Qualification Accreditation Form〝 (in addition to completing the online form on the Ministry of Education‘s Academic Review Committee website, candidates must submit both the hard and electronic files);
B)Candidates with a foreign degree must provide a 〝List of study status〝 and 〝Immigration records” (please contact the Immigration Department)

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