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AI Innovation

1.AI Action plan of Executive Yuan – Grasp the opportunities and initiate AI implementations in industry

  Taiwan has a stable supply chain in ICT and semiconductor industries and has intensive technological advancement in vertical application fields. With the advantage of hard-ware complete supply chain and system software competency, Taiwan has the niche to do AI fundamental research and application.
  In order to grasp the opportunity of AI trend and to promote digitalization transformation, the Executive Yuan launched the " Digital Nation & Innovative Economic Development Program, DIGI+” in 2017 and initiated the "AI Action Plan" in 2018 with the aim to prosper AI development and to build solid digital infrastructure. Through this widespread AI industrialization and digital transformation, it is hoped to build smart Taiwan.


2.Continuing to Deepen Strategic Deployment on AI Development
  Based on the overall AI development policy, the National Science and Technology Council continues to focus on five major aspects as below to enhance the AI development.
(1)International AI Research Center - being an AI global connection hub with impacts on specific areas
Transform current AI Innovation Research Center to be an AI global international hub, which not only promotes Taiwan AI strengths to the world but also introduces key technologies into Taiwan.
(2)Fundamental AI Research – Strengthening basic research and cultivating key talents
Support excellent basic research teams to search of scientific excellence on AI edge technologies. Cultivate outstanding research talents for the future as well. Through these measures, it is hoped to lay a robust foundation for any possible AI application ahead.
(3)Domain Application AI Research – Providing cross-domain AI solutions to industries
Encourage inter agencies collaboration to address social needs. Pave a way for AI domain knowledge development through field verification into practice.
(4)Platform Infrustructure – Promoting AI data and models sharing
Based on existing database sharing mode and data non-landing mechanism, promote AI model sharing to accelerate the model development in the hope to derive innovative service applications.
(5)Humanistic and Legal Infrastructure – Develop AI social cognition and ethics consensus
Keep watching AI impacts on societies and build AI ethics consensus and related legal infrastructure to facilitate the establishment of a friendly AI development environment.


Last Modified : 2022/07/26