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Excellence Research Center

Making Taiwan a World Leader in Particular Science and Technology Fields:

Funding Support for Excellence Research Centers in the Universities


The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) has, since 2018, been investing in Excellence Research Centers in some universities in order to enhance R&D capacities in distinguished fields, to diffuse critical technologies, and to foster outstanding young talents.


Funding is thereby provided to the Excellence Research Centers from March 2018 to February 2023. From those Excellence Research Centers funded by the Ministry of Education, the NSTC selected and funded those which intended to address the issues in scientific research, social development or industrial transformation. By investing in NT$ 50 million every year, the NSTC hopes to advance R&D capacities and its prestige in some imperative S&T fields and therefore contribute to promote welfare and highlighted industries, both domestically and internationally. In 2018, 18 Centers in 8 universities were funded, covering various themes, including: (1) Innovative and Critical Materials (Biomedicine, Semiconductor, Energy, Recycle, Textile, High-Entropy Alloys); (2) Smart Semiconductor and Chip, Smart Radar, Smart Manufacturing; (3) Quantum Technology; (4) Brain Science; (5) Precision Medicine, New Virus, Wound Repair and Regeneration; (6) Animal Science: Shrimp Husbandry, Veterinary Drugs; and (7) Humanities: Community Health and Sustainable Environment and National Development.


Science and technology are the cornerstones of societies, the drivers of industrial innovation, and the essentials for addressing vital issues such as social development and environmental changes. Hopefully the funding for these Excellence Research Centers will serve as a seed funding which will help aggregate domestic and international technologies, talents and industries.  We sincerely believe this move will give new momentum to Taiwan’s S&T development and make it both embedded domestically and outstanding globally.

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Last Modified : 2022/07/26