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Research Areas

Research Areas
1. Civil Engineering 10. Micro-Electronics Engineering
2. Environmental Engineering 11. Computer Science and Information Engineering
3. Solid Mechanics 12. Communication Engineering
4. Thermal-Fluid and Energy 13. Control Engineering
5. Automation 14. Biomedical Engineering
6. Aeronautical Engineering 15. Chemical Engineering
7. Metals and Ceramics 16. Polymer Science and Engineering
8. Industrial Engineering and Management 17. Electric Power Engineering
9. Optics and Photonics 18. Ocean Engineering

Civil Engineering Program ─  

  • General research topics
    1. Structural Engineering 
    2. Geotechnical Engineering 
    3. Hydraulic Engineering
    4. Construction Materials
    5. Traffic and Transportation Engineering
    6. Surveying Engineering
    7. Architecture
    8. Construction Management
    9. Public Work Engineering and Technology
    10. Earthquake Engineering
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Special Program for Earthquake Engineering after 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake
    2. Urban transportation in earthquake damages mitigation system
    3. Earthquake-resistance civil engineering materials
    4. Earthquake-resistance technologies for historical buildings and structures
    5. Earthquake damage mitigation of critical structures
    6. Hydrological impact by the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake
    7. Earthquake-induced slope failures and landslides behaviors and mitigation
    8. Soil liquefaction evaluation in the Chi-Chi earthquake

Environmental Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Water and wastewater
    2. Air pollution
    3. Noise and vibrations
    4. Soil wastes
    5. Soil pollution
    6. Groundwater pollution
    7. Environmental quality analysis and management
    8. Environmental management and systems engineering
    9. Control of toxic compounds
    10. Industrial safety and hygiene
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Fundamental Research
      (2)Air quality
      (3)Solid wastes
    2. Applied Research
      (1)Drinking water quality improvement technology
      (2)Sewage system development technology
      (3)Air quality improvement technology
      (4)Soil and groundwater preservation
      (5)Waste reclamation and reuse technology
      (6)Eco-purification technology
      (7)Pollution prevention technology
      (8)Trace element treatment technology

Solid Mechanics Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Mechanism and Transmission
    2. Structure and Vibration
    3. Dynamics and Control
    4. Tribology
    5. Stress, Strain & Forming and Fatigue & Fracture
    6. Precision Die Design and Manufacturing
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Mirco Electrical Mechanical System
    2. Semiconductor Processing Equipment
    3. Computer Integration Manufacturing
    4. Electronic Packaging Mechanics
    5. Vacuum Technology
    6. Multi-axis Machining Methods and Toolpath Planning
    7. High speed Machining Methods and Toolpath planning

Thermal-Fluid and Energy Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Technology of Heat Transfer
    2. Technology of Fluid Mechanics
    3. Technology of Combustion
    4. Technology of Energy Saving and Efficiency
    5. Technology of New Energy and Regeneration
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Mirco Electrical Mechanical System
    2. Semiconductor Processing Equipment
    3. Computer Integration Manufacturing
    4. Electronic Packaging Mechanics
    5. Vacuum Technology
    6. Multi-axis Machining Methods and Toolpath Planning
    7. High speed Machining Methods and Toolpath planning

Automation Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Device technology for automation
    2. Equipment and process technology for automation
    3. System integration technology for automation
    4. Automation application technology for high-tech industry
    5. Holonic manufacturing system
    6. Automation machine technology for next-generation industries
    7. Automation equipment for Opto-electronic industry
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Encourage the industry and academic to collaborate actively
    2. Help industry establish advances automation technology

Aeronautical Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. The basic research areas include, but not limited to Aerodynamics, Propulsion & Combustion, Aircraft Materials & Structure, Navigation, Guidance & Control, etc.
    2. Concerning the aspects of technology development, the program encompasses the areas of Civil Aviation Technology, Engine System Technology, Noise Control, Integral Design of Aircraft Inlets & Fuselage, Advanced Propulsion System, Aircraft Design, Flight Safety, etc.
    3. The research areas cover Spacecraft System Development, Launching System Fundamental Research, Space and Orbital Dynamics, Space Communications & Navigation, Space Remote Sensing, Ground System and so on.
    4. In view of project integration, the following particular research topics are highly recommended as the research vehicles:
      (1)Auto-pilot and autonomous navigation system unmanned aerial vehicles
      (2)Microsatellite and Corresponding payload
      (3)Advanced propulsion systems
      (4)Aviation safety and human factor
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Propulsion & Combustion
      (1) Spray technology
      (2) Advanced micro-turbo-engine development
      (3) Sounding rocket technology development
    2. Aerodynamics Technology
      (1) 3D complex flow computation & software development
      (2) Flow control
      (3) Industrial aerodynamics
    3. Aircraft Structure & Material
      (1) Test, analysis and repair of structure damage
      (2) Composite materials & structure development
      (3) Integral design, static & dynamic analysis
    4. Guidance, Navigation and Control
      (1) Intelligent GPS/INS/GIS applications for vehicles
      (2) Aircraft performance analysis and stability control
      (3) Flight simulation and navigation/communication systems
    5. Civil Aviation Technology
      (1) Air traffic management
      (2) Aircraft engine monitoring and diagnostics
    6. Aircraft Noise Control
      (1) Noise sources analysis and control
      (2) Airport noise control
    7. Aviation Safety
      (1) Accident/incident investigation and evaluation
      (2) Research on human factors
    8. Satellite System Technology
      (1) Microsatellite system engineering
      (2) Microsatellite tracking and signal processing
      (3) Research on sounding rocket applications

Metals and Ceramics Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Steel & Irons Materials
    2. Non-Ferrous Alloys
    3. Lights Metals
    4. Intermetallics
    5. Composit Materials
    6. Magnetic Materials
    7. Surface Coatings and Modification
    8. Ceramic Materials
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Steel Materials and Fabrication
    2. Fabrication by Molten Process
    3. Light Alloys and Metal Matrix Composits
    4. Structural Ceramics
    5. Electronic Ceramics
    6. Materials Corrosion and Anti-Corrosion
    7. Hard Coating and Hard Surfacing
    8. Electronic Packaging Materials and Technology
    9. Nano Materials and Technology
    10. Smart Materials

Industrial Engineering and Management Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Production systems and their production processes
    2. Information systems in IE
    3. Human Factors
    4. Theories and applications of operations research
    5. Design and operations of service systems
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Production systems design for new and emerging industries
    2. Global supply chain management
    3. Physical and cognitive ergonomics
    4. Data mining, data warehousing and data visualization
    5. Applications of IT in global logistics
    6. Soft computing
    7. Quality engineering
    8. Technological innovation in service industries

Optics and Photonics Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Fiber Optics and Guided-Wave Optics
    2. Optoelectronic Material, Devices, and Modules
    3. Quantum Electronics and Laser Techniques
    4. Optical Information Science
    5. Optical Engineering
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. GaN-Based Materials and Lasers
      (1)Material growth techniques
      (2)Laser device structures and models
      (3)Device processing techniques
      (4)Blue LED
      (5)Room temperature pulsed blue laser
      (6)Room temperature CW blue laser
    2. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
      (1)System and Transmission Design
      (2)Active Devices and Components
      (3)Passive Devices and Components

Micro-Electronics Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Advance System-on-Chip (SOC) technology
    2. SOC/IP reusable modules and Interface design
    3. Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF IP module design
    4. EDA/Testing/Verification for SOC and Deep sub-Micro
    5. Nano-electronic devices and technology
    6. Fabrication technology of chemical compound semiconductor
    7. Single Electron Devices
    8. Related material and devices of Display
    9. Fabrication Technology of Silicon-based semiconductor
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Performance Optimality
    2. Integration Complexity
    3. Design Productivity
    4. Hardware/Software Co-
    5. Fabrication technology
    6. SOI technology
    7. Ultra-thin Gate Dielectrics
    8. Gate Materials and Well Engineering
    9. Multi-layer interconnections
    10. Low-K and High-K materials

Computer Science & Information Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Information Security
    2. Intelligent Computing
    3. Distributed and Parallel Computer Systems
    4. High-efficiency Computer Architecture
    5. Multimedia and High-Speed Network
    6. Software and Information Engineering
    7. Theory of Computation
    8. Natural Language and Speech Processing
    9. Image Processing and Recognition
  • Focal Research Topics
    Application-oriented, vertically integrated research
    • (1)Multimedia-related technologies and applications
      (2)Web-related technologies and applications
      (3)Mobile computing

Communication Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Wireless communication technology
    2. Networking technology
    3. Microwave and millimeter-wave technology
    4. Digital signal processing
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Smart Antenna System
    2. Intelligent Transportation System
    3. Quantum Signal Processing
    4. Bioinformation Processing and Analysis
    5. Optical Switching Technology
    6. Secure Communications
    7. Digital Library
    8. Speech Processing

Control Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Basic Control Theory
    2. Intelligent Control
    3. System Integration and Industrial Applications
    4. Precision Motion Control
    5. Control Technology of Mechatronics
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Integration of Man Power in Control Engineering
    2. Promotion of Advanced and Long-Term Research
    3. Equal Emphasis on Basic and Applied Research
    4. Improvement of Research Standard in Control Technology
    5. Advancement of Industrial Technology

Biomedical Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. 1.Biomechanics
      (1)Orthopedic Biomechanics
      (2)Biomechanics of Human Movement
      (3)Biomechanics of Dentistry
      (4)Biomechanics of Blood Kinetics
      (5)Biomechanics of Tissue and Cellular Engineering
    2. Bioelectronics
      (1)Development of Biomedical Image System
      (2)Development of Biomedical Instrument and Information System
      (3)Development of Biomedical Optics Measurement System
    3. Biomaterial
      (1)Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organ
      (2)Development of Biomaterial for Hard Tissue
      (3)Biosensor and Mass Transportation
    4. Biomedical Informatics
      (1)Medical information system
      (2)Medical network system
      (3)Medical intelligent system
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Applications of human engineering in assistive technology
    2. Development of functional electrical stimulation assistive devices
    3. MEMS in assistive technology

Chemical Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Transport Phenomenon
    2. Separation Technology
    3. Biochemical Engineering
    4. Thermodynamics
    5. Electrochemistry
    6. Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
    7. Process System Engineering
    8. Biomedical Engineering and Polymer Materials
    9. Specialty Chemicals
    10. Materials Technology
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Materials Processing and Synthesis
    2. Nanoscale Chemical Engineering and Process Intensification
    3. Clean Technology and Environmental Protection
    4. Bioprocessing and Biochemical Engineering
    5. Process Safety and Industrial Hygiene

Polymer Science & Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Polymer Chemistry
    2. Polymer Physics
    3. Rheology and Polymer Processing
    4. Applications of polymeric materials in advanced technology
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Precision polymerization
    2. Characterization of polymers via advanced microscopy, scattering, and spectroscopy
    3. Polymer processing in the micro-to-nanometer scale
    4. Plastic semiconductors and devices
    5. Bio-related polymers
    6. Polymeric nanocomposites and nanohybrids

Electric Power Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Power Systems
    2. Electric Machinery and Drives
    3. Power Electronics
    4. Tracking Mechanical-electrical System
    5. Electric Motorcycles and Drives
  • Focal Research Topics
    1. Integration of Man Power in Power Engineering
    2. Plan and to coordinate national academic research efforts
    3. Provides general research guidelines and advanced research topics
    4. Improvement of Research Standard in Ocean Technology
    5. Advancement of Industrial Technology

Ocean Engineering Program ─

  • General research topics
    1. Coastal and Offshore Engineering sector
      (1)Wave Propagation
      (2)Tidal motion
      (3)Sediment transport and change in bottom topology
      (4)Ocean structure
      (5)Ocean pollution
    2. Naval Architecture sector
      (1)Resistance and propulsion
      (3)Sea keeping
      (4)Ship structure
      (5)Ship design / production automation
      (6)Marine engineering
    3. Underwater Technology sector
      (1)Acoustics and its application
      (2)Underwater communication
      (3)Underwater vehicles
      (4)Underwater manipulators
      (5)Underwater sensing technology
      (6)Manned submersibles 
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