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[Scholarship] ASUS x Taiwan Tech - Master's Programs. Apply Now!

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) and ASUS have launched a new Scholarship program for international students to pursue their education and plan for future careers in Taiwan. ASUS scholarship recipients will be offered financial aid, opportunities to join internship programs, and related job training by ASUS during the two-year master's program. After graduation, a two-year position at ASUS will be offered to scholarship recipients.


ASUS x Taiwan Tech Scholarship Program


Applicants Eligibility

1. International students, including Overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong, and Macao, who hold bachelor's degrees from universities abroad apply for admission to Taiwan Tech graduate programs as full-time students.

2. Bachelor's degree holders in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Management, Design, or closely related fields.

3. Students should submit necessary documents for admission, including their resume/CV, academic transcripts, certificate of degree, as well as a letter of recommendation.


Scholarship Quota and Value:

1.  Quota: 26 scholarship for master's programs in electrical engineering, computer science, management, design or related disciplines are offered by ASUS.

2.  Value and Benefits:

  • Waiver of tuition and fees for a maximum of two years of study.
  • The maximum subsidy a return ticket for economy class airfare to Taiwan is NTD 60,000.
  • Living allowance: Each master’s student will receive a living allowance of NTD 12,000 per month for a maximum of two years of study.
  • The maximum subsidy for Chinese language courses for each master’s student is  NTD 20,000.
  • Students will have to provide course registration documents and proof of minimum 80% course attendance.
  • After graduation, scholarship recipients are invited to apply for positions with ASUS. Their applications will be given high priority.


How to apply

1.  Click to apply for the program:  /the URL is no longer valid/

2.  Application deadline:  September 16, 2022 5 PM (GST+8)


A Virtual Career Talk at ASUS:


  •    10:30-11:00 (Taiwan time), 31st August 2022, register needed: /the URL is no longer valid/






Office of International Affairs



Part 1: Taiwan Tech

Part 2: ASUS Scholarship Program




For more information, please visit the website: /the URL is no longer valid/


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