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Taiwan’s Six Core Development Plans

1. Advanced Internet Infrastructure
Attract international submarine cable, IDC, and cloud operators to invest in Taiwan. In addition, plan the strategic deployment and overall structure of the future land, sea, and air 3D network infrastructure, including land network channels, submarine cables, and low-orbit communication satellites.


2. Beyond 5G Satellite Communications
Develop key technologies in satellite communications to support industrial upgrading; enable Taiwan to become an important global supply base for ground equipment and satellite (sub) systems.


3. Cyber Security Excellence
Horizontally integrate cross-ministerial and inter-departmental resources to establish a Cyber Security Center of Excellence to put in place the technology and talents Taiwan will need for 2030. It aims to become an exemplary base for high-level talent and technological innovation in Asia.


4. Generation Angstrom (Å) Semiconductors
Expand Taiwan's semiconductor ecosystem; strengthen and build-up self-reliant strategic supply chains.

5. Precision Health: Sustainable Big Data Platforms for Health
Build up a data base for medical and health data; promote translational research and the development of its industrial application; make Taiwan a benchmark country for international health big data applications.


6. Digital Transformation of Industries for the Cloud-generation
With the cloud generation as the main driving force, construct a new cloud generation digital transformation model for small, medium, and micro enterprises. Create economic momentum and international competitiveness in the digital era and post-pandemic era. Drive growth of labor wages in Taiwan's SMEs and expand their market share in overseas markets; be ranked as top three in Asia for SME cloud migration rates.

Last Modified : 2021/08/27