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NSTC Programs

1. Joint Bilateral Research Projects, Supported by the MOST and the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology

    Guidelines for bilateral add-on research projects (in Mandarin language)

    The Call for Proposal for bilateral research projects 2022-2023 (in Mandarin language)

2. Partnership Program for the Connection to the Top Labs in the World - Dragon Gate Program

    Dragon Gate Program Guidelines  (in Mandarin language)

    The Call for Proposal for projects starting from 31 July 2021 (in Mandarin language)


3. Postdoctoral Research Abroad Program

    Call for Proposal for projects starting in 2021 or 2022  (in Mandarin language)


4. Taiwan Scholar Short-term Research Abroad Program

    Program Guidelines  (in Mandarin language)


5. Honorable Visitor for Science Program

    Program Guidelines (in Mandarin language)


Last Modified : 2021/09/03