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(Videos) Meet the people who came to work in Taiwan. Listen to what they say.

Meet the people who came to work in Taiwan: 


  1. Tom Fifield from Australia (Science &Technology)  https://youtu.be/dGy5VZY8MHc
  2. Gabriele de Seta from Italy (Education)  https://youtu.be/N8WjpTuSE-c
  3. Colum Brolly from Ireland (Science &Technology)  https://youtu.be/sFSMrMZOaJI
  4. Tomáš Rizák from Czech Republic (Culture&Arts)  https://youtu.be/X9J7eu2rd9g
  5. John Chen from the USA (Economy)  https://youtu.be/N383oTqzV1U
  6. Albert Muhlbock from Austria (Education)  https://youtu.be/zwMKX2N1mWc



Taiwan Employment Gold Card website:https://goldcard.nat.gov.tw/

Contact TAIWAN website:https://www.contacttaiwan.tw


Q&A about Foreign Professionals coming to Taiwan:




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