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Science and Technology Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam

Science & Technology Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam



The Science and Technology Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Vietnam is the liaison office of theNational Science and Technology Council (it was the National Science Council) of Taiwan in Vietnam. Established in July, 2004, the division is currently headed by Prof. Hsu Hui Huang. It provides services across ASEAN countries.



Stationed in Hanoi, the mission of the Science and Technology Division is to promote bilateral scientific and technological cooperation between ASEAN countries and Taiwan, communicate with ASEAN countries scholars, researchers and high-tech professionals and encourage them to teach or invest in Taiwan. The Division also aims to help ASEAN countries and Taiwan understand each other and the recent sci-tech developments in each country, as well as helping to set up long-term collaborative relationships in large-scale, cutting-edge and mutually interesting sci-tech research fields.




Cooperation between ASEAN countries and Taiwan


ASEAN countries and Taiwan believe that joint collaborative projects are an important part of cooperation. Currently there are some research projects underway. The Taiwan - ASEAN countries joint projects are famous not only for their excellence, but also for their competitiveness.

The ASEAN countries -Taiwan sci-tech personnel visiting programs have included university scholars, research fellows, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students and highly gifted high-school students. More than fifty sci-tech professionals from Taiwan visit some Asian countries (like Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia), and about fifty professionals from ASEAN countries come to Taiwan every year. Many young scientists from ASEAN countries did excellent researches in Taiwan in the past years.

Future Outlook


Based on sincerity, reciprocity, mutual interests and benefits, the sci-tech cooperation between ASEAN countries and Taiwan has been moving forward. Science and technology are the common property of all human beings. ASEAN countries and Taiwan want to make their contributions, had we have teamed up together to explore the unknown and discover new things.

Some research fields, such as nanotechnology and biotechnology, which not only further sci-tech development but also benefit human health and improve our ecological environment, will be made the priority of our cooperation.

The Science and Technology Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Vietnam continue to help with cooperation, expanding growth and sharing the fruits of our collaboration. Please feel free to give us your advices and suggestions.

Last Modified : 2022/08/01