National Core Facility for Biopharmaceuticals


The National Core Facility for Biopharmaceuticals (NCFB) is designed to efficiently utilize established research resources and provide professional high-tech services and expert consultation to meet the needs of academic and industrial PIs in Taiwan. The NCFB platform not only provides a favorable environment for the development of precision medicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research but also facilitates the transition from basic research to clinical trials.



NCFB complies with the strategy in the National Science and Technology Development Plan for establishing and sharing research infrastructure and resources. Guidance from the Bio Taiwan Committee (BTC), Discipline Development Meeting, and biopharmaceutical conferences are taken into consideration in the design of NCFB programs for the development of cutting-edge technologies and provision of high-quality services to industrial, medical, and academic users in biopharmaceutical research. Implementation strategies include:

1. Integrating existing research resources and infrastructure: In order to efficiently utilize established research resources, NCFB integrates the Core Facility Program for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, resource centers developed under the National Research Program for Biopharmaceuticals, the National Core Facility Program for Biotechnology, and R&D teams developing forward-looking technologies in Taiwan under a new platform.

2. Developing cutting-edge technologies and providing professional high-tech services: NCFB takes the advantage of established experience in cutting-edge technologies to provide professional high-tech services and expert consultation. Regular user committee meetings and annual reviews are conducted to meet the needs of academic and industrial researchers.

3. Promoting high-quality services to users in the biopharmaceutical community: Combined with government policies, through official partnering, exhibitions, and conferences, the promotion of NCFB to users in the industrial and academia will be increased and ultimately promote more collaboration between the industry and academia. The enhanced dialogue between the industry and academia facilitated by NCFB will not only benefit personnel training and technology transfer but also sharpen the sensitivity of academic scientists to marketing trends.

4. Accelerating upgrading of the biopharmaceutical industry in Taiwan: The excellent basic research capabilities of colleges and universities will provide a solid foundation for the development of the biomedical industry. NCFB has developed many advanced technologies in the biopharmaceutical field and has encouraged technology licensing and patent applications. The concept of "return on investment" has been incorporated into the management of NCFB's core facilities. NCFB will provide support for the spin-off of those core facilities, which have the potential to establish a research service company (RSC) or a contract research organization (CRO). This goal will be combined with science park occupancy (such as in the Nankang Biomedical Park) to strengthen basic R&D capabilities and optimize the environment for the biopharmaceutical industry to transition from basic research to clinical trials.

Last Modified : 2022/06/28