Registration for the High-Level Event of the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival (13-14th March 2024, Brussels) is now open.

This High-Level Event is part of the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival, a festival of events organized by the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) in cooperation with the Bioeconomy Youth Ambassadors. Brussels will host the High-Level Event on 13-14 March, but in addition more than 30 satellite events are being organised in various locations of the EU, in the week of 11 to 17 March 2024.


Together, these events will aim to engage youth as drivers of transformative change in the Bioeconomy. In addition, the High-Level event will help the European Commission to gather views on the next steps for the #EUBioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan.


Please find here the agenda of the High-Level Event of the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival (13 – 14 March 2024, Brussels) and click here (https://research-innovation-community.ec.europa.eu/events/2TokJawDoTNTAmlPP0TnCN/overview) to register for this hybrid event.  This registration is mandatory if you want to attend the event, either in-person (places for in-person attendance are limited) or online (the event will be streamed). Be aware that as part of this registration, you can be asked to create an EU Login-account. EU Login is the European Commission's user authentication service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services, using a single email address and password.


More info on the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival can be found on the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival website, which soon will also have more information about the satellite events.


In case of any questions, please reach out to: RTD-BECM-FESTIVAL@ec.europa.eu

Last Modified : 2024/02/09