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Sustainable Platform for Big Data in Health

    Internationally on the innovative application of medical and health big data, a goal is to create a real-world data ecosystem that facilitates data exchange and utilization for a variety of medical fields. But how to integrate the data, whether the data is sufficiently real-time, the degree of structure and standardization of data, quality, and reliability of the data remain important challenges. In recent years, Taiwan’s national competitiveness in two fields of world-class strength, medical care and information and communication, and papers published by the medical community using these medical and health data make obvious to all in the world. To actively lay out the opportunities for biomedical innovation in the next generation, how to leverage existing strengths in these fields, and to make good use of current cross-ministerial medical health information systems to promote a new generation of R&D translation in the biomedical industry are important opportunities for Taiwan to lead innovation.


    This program combines the strengths of the three ministries of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and our institution to establish a sustainable platform for big data in healthcare. To drive the research and development of biomedical technology, and precision health industry innovation. To link the world, and enhance a sustainable value in public health and well-being. The sub-projects of our department include: (1) Build up a big biomedical database for translational research. Subsidize the medical centers to carry out prospective cases collection, and establish four types of high-quality and unified format data, including genetic data, medical imaging, digital pathology, and electronic medical records of important diseases, to set a model for forward-looking medical data governance in Taiwan. This clinical-diverse and high-quality data are uploaded to the National Center for High-Performance Computing with cyber security responsibility Level-A to establish a Nationwide Biomedical Data Commons, provide user-friendly data inquiry and applications, and promote the development of the medical biotechnology industry. (2) Application of biomedical database to develop novel biomarkers and disease risk assessment models. Using biomedical databases and AI computing technology, encourage industry participants to develop novel biomarkers and disease risk assessment models, with a view to preventing major diseases and promoting the wellness of people in Taiwan.

Last Modified : 2022/07/04