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Silicon Photonics and Integrated Circuit Research Program

Program Period:  08/01/2018 - 07/31/2022
Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) using photons to transmit and process signals constitute a disruptive technology that will realize high-speed optoelectronic signal conversion, transmission, and spectral sensing and signal processing functions. The far-ranging applications of this technology will include optical communications, optical sensing (defense, aerospace, energy, transportation, and medicine), smart vehicles and robots, Internet of things, quantum computing,  and biomedical sciences. PIC technology is expected to be the next key driver of the photonics industry.
This project seeks to integrate universities’ research and development resources and capabilities with the multi-project wafer services of the National Chip Implementation Center (CIC), fabrication platform of National Device Laboratory (NDL), packaging and testing services of ITRI, and semiconductor companies’ process services. The program’s long-term objectives include:
Enhancing PIC design capabilities and developing a photonic IC design industry.
Establishing core technologies for the development of photonic system chips.
Establishing a highly-integrated R&D ecosystem for the photonics IC industry.
Establishing photonic IC fabrication platforms.
This program will encourage domestic R&D teams to use PIC platforms to integrate components, optical circuits, and electronic circuits in the realization of photonic system chips for applications in biomedical sensing, LiDAR, and optical interconnects, which will increase technological added value and enhance the technological competitiveness of the photonic industry.

Last Modified : 2018/08/07