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Establish the Global Influence by a New Generation of Academic Research

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) assists young talents of Taiwan to establish global influence in the humanities and social sciences.
The important policy goal of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is “To cultivate scientific research talents and to increase international influence”. Therefore, MOST continues to actively cultivate talents in global key fields. It is strength the link between Taiwanese scholars and global research community. The program to finish the vision of Taiwan’s technology of "innovation, tolerance, and sustainability".

To actively meets the needs of overseas academic community, and improve the talent gap of humanities and social science research in Taiwan, MOST has promoted the Taiwanese Overseas Pioneers Grants (TOP Grants) since 2018. TOP Grants has entered its third year by the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of National Applied Research Laboratories. Today (3rd January), the press conference will be held for the announcement of the results, inviting overseas scholars who have been cultivated to share their thoughts on their academic research. MOST announced that the schedule for the new phase of the grant solicitation will start in late April 2022. The doctoral candidates and young scholars in the humanities and social sciences who meet the application requirements are welcome to apply.

The purpose of the grants is to encourage talents of Taiwan in the field of humanities and social sciences, and to help them focus on the writing of academic books and dissertations to enhance the quality of academic research so that they can achieve certain status or position at foreign universities or academic institutions. As such, it should help strengthen and consolidate the status of our humanities and social sciences of our country in the field of international academic research.

Profound cultivation upon academic impact of the new generations

In order to cultivate outstanding research talents of our country in humanities and social science overseas, this grant has aimed at two types of research and new blood with great academic potential: the first category is of those talents who are PhD candidates at the last stage of their studies in overseas of Taiwan; of the second category, they are talents who obtain doctoral degree for less than 10 years, and they are working at research institutions in overseas of Taiwan as full-time teachers or researchers. With financial assistance, it should help them focus on the writing of academic books and dissertations, consolidating their firm foundation on international academic and research community.

Of those talents to be cultivated, they will be selected by the "Academic Review Committee," which is made up of scholars with academic prestige, academic achievement, and impartiality from the field of humanities and social sciences based on theoretical value and innovation of the candidate's research theme, extent of rigor with the application content, feasibility of the research plan, academic potential or research experience of the applicant, and academic achievements and other criteria of selection.

The grants has recently been reviewed and approved by the Academic Review Committee with a total of 25 PhD Candidates and 5 Young Scholars selected, and they will be awarded such research funding respectively as NT$900,000 and NT$600,000. In addition, the Young Scholars can also apply for NT$200,000 on publication expenses of academic books. The name-list of the award has already been announced on the homepage of STPI of NARLabs, whose official website is at: https://www.stpi.narl.org.tw/public/top.htm


Media Contact:
Program Manager, Pei-Ling Liu
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology

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