Quantum Computer Project

Program Period: 8/1/2018 – 7/31/2023
This program seeks to integrate the quantum computer research resources of industry, universities, and academic institutions in Taiwan, and has the goals of keeping up with the rest of the world, boosting Taiwan’s profile in the field of quantum computing technology, and cultivating talent in this area.
The purpose of the Quantum Computer Project is to explore quantum computing development directions for Taiwan, and research items include the topics of Quantum Elements and Physics, Quantum Algorithms and Programming, Quantum Computers and Quantum Communications and Cryptography. Initial plans call for a program length of five years, and the program team should provide a framework and prototype results during the first 2 years. Preliminary results should be achieved after the end of the third year. By the end of the project (the fifth year), the planned outcome indicators should be completed, as well as an open data information platform (shared by industry, universities, and academic institutions) and cooperative applications.

Last Modified : 2021/05/05