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Taiwan Brain Technology Development and International Raising Program

    The development, function and dysfunction of the brain remains the biggest mystery in science. Due to the rapid progress of research tools and innovative technologies in neurobiology, we now have the hope to solve these mysteries. Brain research has become a major focus in many nations. Breakthroughs in brain research would provide early detection and prevention, and effective therapy on neurodegeneration, neurodevelopmental defects, and neuropsychiatric disorders. Therefore, it could have huge medical and societal impacts.  In the past few years, with the support of theNational Science and Technology Council, Taiwan research in the neuroscience field has achieved solid advances in both basic and clinical related research, and is on the brink of making important breakthroughs and establish a place in the international brain research field.


    This program is jointly promoted by the Department of Life Sciences, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Department of Engineering and Technologies of the National Science and Technology Council. The emphasis is on developing novel neuro-technologies, and study brain function and dysfunction to provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention for neurological disorders. The program emphasizes on interdisciplinary collaborations to bringing in new tools and concepts. We hope to take advantage of our industrial strength, e.g. the ICT industry, to help the research and to translate the research outcome to practical uses. The program also promotes international collaborations to strengthen and supplement our research, as well as to contribute our strength to the international community. The international collaboration and participation will promote Taiwan's global research visibility and enhance our competitiveness in brain research and technology development.

Last Modified : 2022/08/12