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About Us

The Science and Technology Division in France (hereinafter mentioned as STD/France) is an oversea liaison office of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of Taiwan. The Division is based in Paris and acts on behalf of the NSTC under the supervision of the Taipei Representative Office in France (Bureau de Representation de Taipei en France).

Other than working with France, the Science Division is also responsible for forging cooperative relationships with other southern European countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Among the functions of the Science Division, the priorities are:

* To promote signing of bilateral science and technology agreements with France and other southern European countries, and to assist the implementation of these agreements.

* To help and facilitate exchange visits of scientists between Taiwan and France/Spain/Italy/Portugal.


* To organise official visits between Taiwan and France/Spain/Italy/Portugal.

* To provide assistance for visiting NSTC grant winners studying or doing research in France/Spain/Italy/Portugal.
* To bridge the research institutes 
between Taiwan and France/Spain/Italy/Portugal for developing new cooperation.

Last Modified : 2024/03/08