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The National Science and Technology Council established the Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs on March 3, 2014. To reinforce innovations and encourages the startups of S&T results, impetus for R&D in industry, promote academia-industry partnership, cultivate industrial talents, and develop of science parks, the Department’s missions are as following :


1. To enhance innovation and entrepreneurship for academic research

With the innovation and entrepreneurship programs, the department encourage deep technology from university to new venture, build a platform like Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to drive more corporate investment and international investors, offer supportive programs for startups to global exhibitions and talent exchanges.


2. To support academia-industry relationship

With the Academia industry collaboration programs, the department encourages businesses to participate in university-based applied research projects, promotes collaboration on highly innovative research projects, sets rules for co-ownership of research results, and establishes alternative models for technology transfer authorization, thus increasing the effectiveness of industry-academia cooperation.


3.To cultivate industrial talents

With the aim to train S&T talents for high-tech industrial use, the department provide the Ph.D students trainning programs both in the universities and internships for professionals. These programs provide guidance for doctoral talents to join the industry, and adopt diverse approaches to leverage Taiwan's top-notch human resources.


4.To develope of science parks

Under Taiwan Vision 2030, the science parks are set to strive for innovation, inclusion, and sustainability. With planning, motivating and promoting Industrial Innovation in science park, we aims to strengthen the science parks development polices, the related regulation review and revision, science parks enterprise investment review, talents cultivation and management integration of science parks experimental high school development. We will foster the science parks are able to keep up the solid track record and push Taiwan’s high-tech industry to higher ground.

Last Modified : 2022/07/26