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High Level Industrial Professionals Cutivation Program(Industrial Postdoctoral Program)

Program Objective

The program aims to establish a platform whereby industry, academia, and research institutions can jointly cultivate high level professionals, guide doctoral talent to join the industry, and adopt diverse approaches to leverage Taiwan's top-notch human resources.


Implementation Method

Academic/research institutions in Taiwan will serve as training units and offer year-long on-the-job training and internship opportunities of at least 6 months to help doctoral talent gain practical experience and core competencies.


Legal Basis

This program shall be conducted in accordance with the "Infrastructure for Cultivating Talent and Promoting Employment" specified in the Special Act for Forward-Looking Infrastructure of the Executive Yuan.



1.Training Unit:The training units shall be research agencies or institutions that engage in the development of advanced technology and industrial processes within the territory of the Republic of China, and meet one of the following criteria.

(1)Public research agencies or institutions, and public and private higher education institutions.

(2)Academic research foundations or medical care corporations recognized by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC).

(3) Institutions, other than the aforementioned units, that are deemed necessary by the NSTC to implement the program and approved by the Minister.


2.Doctoral talent

(1)Nationals of the Republic of China with a doctoral degree

Education: Applicants must have obtained a doctoral degree from universities or independent institutes, whether public or private, domestic or overseas, recognized by the Ministry of Education, with an area of specialization relevant to key industries in the program.
(2)Foreign nationals with a Taiwanese doctorate
Education: Applicants must have obtained a doctoral degree from a Taiwanese university or independent college, whether public or private, recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China and have a field of study relevant to the industry that applicants wish to engage in.


3.Number of Training: Each doctorate holder can only enroll in the program once.


Subsidy Description

Training units shall receive a subsidy of NT$1,050,000 per doctorate holder, including NT$60,000 per individual each month as training compensation and relevant training costs.


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Last Modified : 2023/06/26