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Science Parks

Science parks are intended as friendly hubs for advanced R&D, production, and work as well as quality living and recreation at the same time. Top-tier industries and professionals are ushered in to establish technology industry bases, thereby balancing regional development and promoting industrial upgrade at large. The Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) established in 1979, after 40 years of robust development, currently Taiwan has three core science parks located in the northern, central, and southern areas. Taiwan’s science parks are benchmarks of national science and technology development. The exemplary inspiration and technology dissemination thus spawned has not only revamped the country’s industry structure and fostered economic prosperity but also secured for Taiwan a high standing in the world’s technology industry community. Together, they form a technology industry corridor that promises to accelerate Taiwan’s ascension to a global innovative R&D center.





Hsinchu Science Park

Central Taiwan Science Park

Southern Taiwan Science Park

Science Parks Statistics Database

Last Modified : 2021/08/11