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Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA 2.0)


Project Objective

In order to utilize Industry-Academia and Inter-University resources, GLORIA and related projects joined force to serve as GLORIA 2.0, bringing in other foci such as patent portfolio enhancement. GLORIA 2.0 is an integrated All-in-One platform, and it will continue to contribute to the sound development of Industry-Academia collaborations.


How It Works

This project aims to form a global Industry-Academia research hub with its core operation originating from universities, establishing seven platforms with resources from 49 universities. With its innovative vision, the hub links up to the global market and provides talents and scientific research services for the industry.


Primary strategies:

1. Inter-University assorted patent packages, promote key industries matchmaking.

2. Connect with international market and create collaborative opportunities with major index companies.

3. Leverage Industry- Academia projects from NSTC to develop and promote GLORIA 2.0.


Last Modified : 2022/07/26