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Explore Summer Schools at Masaryk University-Language, Culture and Mind

About Summer Programme

Learn how to apply the theoretical framework to analyze language in real-world contexts. Engage in discussions divided into two parts: theory presentation and analysis of linguistic data, but also be a bit of a lone wolf and develop an independent project to apply cognitive linguistic concepts.

During two weeks in Brno, you will participate in group work, oral presentations, and conclude the course with a mini written project proposal. But most importantly, you will acquire skills to uncover hidden conceptual and cultural patterns in language using a cognitive linguistic approach and apply theory effectively.

This programme is designed as a part of our Intensive 2 Week Summer School, where multiple courses from a wide variety of Masaryk University study programmes and departments will be offered. These courses will be arranged in an intensive and dynamic form, each working day there will be an academic session. In the afternoon and evenings students come together from across disciplines to enjoy everything Brno has to offer!

In addition to the academics, daily cultural and social programming will be offered, including the option of a one-day excursion to Vienna.

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Last Modified : 2024/04/12