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Ministry and office introduction

Science and technology division established in Prague


On 24.9.1993 the National Science Council of Taiwan and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic signed the Agreement of understanding. Since then scholars started to visit each other, together organize bilateral research conferences and propose joint cooperation research projects.

In October 2006 Taiwan established the Science and Technology Division in Prague. The agreements on scientific cooperation with Academies of Sciences of other countries were signed shortly afterwards. Division administratively covers 8 Central and Eastern European Countries - the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine.


Ministry of science and technology in Taipei


The predecessor to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the National Science Council (NSC) of the Executive Yuan, traces its history back to February 1, 1959. As the government’s dedicated scientific and technological development agency, the NSC was charged with three main missions of promoting the nation’s overall S&T development, supporting academic research, and developing the science parks. In today’s knowledge-based economy, S&T innovation has become a key driver of economic growth and national progress. As such, the NSC was reorganized and became MOST on March 3, 2014 with a new organizational structure aiming to facilitate stronger links between academic research and industrial development. MOST will carry on the NSC’s tradition of innovative measures and programs and bring academic research another step closer to industrial needs. By fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging creativity in science and technology, MOST will boost Taiwan’s academic and industrial competitiveness at the international level. The ministry is an overall funding agency for science in Taiwan. 

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