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Agenda of Science and Technology Division in Prague

Our main aim is to promote academic relations between Central and Eastern European countries and Taiwan in the field of research, science and technology. One of its main objectives is to monitor recent developments in science and technology and to help setting up collaborative relationships between scientists and also scientific and research centres.


Mission of our office:


-To promote the bilateral scientific interchange opportunities between Taiwan and countries under its administration
-To support the multilateral cooperation opportunities in scientific interchange between Taiwan and scientific institutions and organizations

- To co-organize bilateral research conferences and visits of high-ranking officials and scholars
-To help attract the outstanding and talented scientists to come to Taiwan to study, or to do their research there

-To gather information about the science and technology, changes in government strategies, offer national reference material and inform professional public in both Europe and Taiwan
-To serve as a contact point for overseas Taiwanese scientists and scientific associations and organizations
-To assist as a contact point for researchers and post-graduate students

-To coordinate national programs and select suitable areas and methods for joint research with institutions in the region
-To establish channels for scientific cooperation with countries under its administration and to sign scientific agreements


Forms of cooperation arranged by our office:


This office provides contact between institutes which have agreed on cooperation. Bilateral agreements between institutes are the legal basis for scientific and technological cooperation, which subsequently takes different forms of implementation, as follows:

(l) international seminars and conferences, which are used for meetings of scientists and management to exchange knowledge and possibilities of future cooperation

(2) short-term study visits, in order to familiarize themselves with equipment of counterparties and to discuss concrete research collaboration

(3) joint research projects (JRP) – applied or basic research projects funded by state institutions benefiting from the complementary strengths of Taiwanese and East European scientific teams

(4) Project-based Personnel Exchange program (PPP) - basic research projects funded by government agencies, focusing on communication and exchange of Taiwanese and East European scientific teams personnel



Last Modified : 2021/11/10