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Dongsha Atoll Research Station

Dongsha Atoll Research Station

Please visit: https://dongsha-mr.nsysu.edu.tw/

The Dongsha Atoll Research Station (DARS), founded in 2012, is located on Dongsha Island; it provides variety of research facilities to visiting scientists. DARS is like a boat staying in the South China Sea; it will continuously serve to promote researches resolving the scientific questions relating to atoll and South China Sea. In addition to assist the on-going studies, further international co-operations are welcome to be conducted at Dongsha Atoll Research Station. Accommodations and vessels that suitable for various destinations on Dongsha Atoll are ready for researches. R/V Atoll I, Atoll II (since 2014), Atoll V and Atoll VI (2016) are equipped for different destinations on Dongsha Atoll and nearby areas. R/V Atoll I and Atoll V are convenient for operating at reef crest, but with smaller space and capacity. R/V Atoll II and Atoll VI are able to travel around fore-reefs, and the waterline of Atoll VI is 40 cm that makes this boat easy to travel in the lagoon and shallow patch reefs. Kayak and dinghy are also available for trips in Dongsha Island small lagoon.




Youtube movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPnSLqX2zG8


Last Modified : 2019/03/12