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Research Themes

  • Physics Discipline of the MOST is always a strong support for the physics research community of Taiwan. After a few decades of effort, the Discipline has deepened the fundamental and interdisciplinary researches in applied science, making close connection to a long-term innovative capacity, and relatively strong research teams have been, therefore, firmly established. The community is experienced in both fundamental research and technological advancement and ready for making critical contributions to internationally competitive collaborations.  With The initiation of various academic programs and facilities by the MOST, the Discipline will further provide opportunities for the Physics community and is expected to give significant boosts in frontier researches.


    The physics review panel of the Discipline, mainly responsible for the review of research proposals and allocation of research grants, is divided into two groups for the efficiency of operation: the division of general physics covers gravity, high-energy, particle and nuclear physics, optics and atomic and molecular physics, soft matter and biophysics, astronomy and cosmology, statistical, nonlinear, fluid, plasma physics, and quantum information sciences; the division of condensed matter physics covers superconductivity, magnetism/spintronics, semiconductor and optoelectronics, surface science and nanoscience and theoretical condensed matter physics.

Last Modified : 2017/10/11