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Research Themes

The disaster prevention technology field includes the meteorology, prevention of floods and droughts, prevention of landslide disasters, earthquake engineering, and disaster mitigation systems. In addition to the fundamental and foresight research programs, we also adopt the experiences and the problems from the previous projects, and iteratively revise the research topics. Through these efforts, we enhance the integration of cross-field research and cooperate with the associated governmental agencies. The research outputs can be implemented to disaster prevention practice, and intensify the foundation of disaster prevention and reduction technology. Under the potential impact of the global climate change, more harsh environments and threats of nature disasters can be anticipated in the near future. Based on the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the policies of Applying Science and Technology for Disaster Reduction Program under the Executive Yuan, the outputs of disaster prevention research projects, and the experiences acquired from the recent nature disasters occurred in Taiwan, we completed the short term (three years), middle term (five years) and long term (ten years) plans for the disaster prevention technology field. Through the long-term investment of research manpower and related resources, development and practical applications of the disaster reduction and prevention technology can be upgraded in future.

Last Modified : 2017/10/11