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Research Themes

  • Typhoon Research

  • Different aspects of typhoon research are covered in this area, including modern observations (e.g., ground-based radar and satellite remote sensing, aircraft reconnaissance), numerical simulation, theoretical work, typhoon track and intensity prediction and rainfall forecast after making landfall.


  • Climate Change

  • Changes of large-scale atmosphere of various timescales are covered in this area, including monsoon circulation, Madden-Julian oscillation, El Nino/Southern Oscillation, multi-decadal oscillation, and the impacts of anthropogenic global warming on regional to global circulation and prediction.
  • Meso-scale Meteorology

  • Different aspects of meso-scale phenomena are covered in this area, with a focus on heavy rainfall events associated with Mei-yu front, afternoon thunderstorm and typhoon. The interaction of the above phenomena with Taiwan terrain is also emphasized. Others small-scale phenomena like land-scale breeze and tornado are also touched.
  • Solar and Terrestrial Environment

  • The research area of solar and terrestrial environment covers various aspects of phenomena occurring in the ionosphere and solar system, including magnetic field changes induced by major earthquakes cumulonimbus lightening, and the most recent development of space weather prediction model.
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  • Atmospheric chemistry and physics research focus on the physical and chemical processes associated with various types of air pollution (e.g., sulphate, O3 and PM2.5). Methods include observations, chemical analyses, numerical simulations, and predictions of air pollutions in the atmosphere.
Last Modified : 2017/09/21